Christian Life Center

2014-2015 Dayton, Ohio

The design of Christian Life Center’s new 2,114-seat main auditorium and its A/V/L/A plans were well underway when the relationship between the church’s technical director and the systems integrator dissolved. The church’s technical director had worked previously with MGA when he was at James River Church in Ozark, Missouri. He asked MGA to take over the project in midstream and to work within the parameters already specified by the former designers, which saved the church a significant amount of money. Despite some conflicting visions with the contractors, MGA quickly got up to speed and helped Christian Life Center achieve its goals on time and under budget.

Design on the main auditorium began on Sept. 14, 2014 and was completed Aug. 9, 2015. Christian Life Center continues to use MGA for servicing its A/V/L systems.

Christian Life Center Christian Life Center
“Through the whole design process, they were able to really help us value engineer the systems, to make sure that we were getting everything we needed. We really enjoyed the process of working with MGA. It really helped us be able to maximize our ministry, and we’re really grateful for that.” Luke Hesher, former technical director at CLC