First Steps to Elevating your Production

Hindsight is 20/20

If you want to elevate your production, watch and really review your services after the fact. This will help you gain clarity on how to produce the best product possible.

As I was watching one of our live stream services I had this thought. I began counting all the people that it took to pull off the service. I also began counting the hours each person contributed in preparation rehearsals etc. In just that 1 hour service, there were thousands and thousands of hours..and hundreds of people who made this little moment happen right here. Hundreds of volunteers and some staff. From lyric video, pro presenter, audio, light Programing, track prep, rehearsals, choir, and it goes in and on.

What am I saying? Here it is, they say if one horse can pull 700lbs by itself, but here is the phenomenon that happens: When two horses come together they can pull 3000 lbs.

Jermaine Rodriguez

For the past 16+ years, Jermaine Rodriguez has been impacting and influencing music ministries as an orchestra director, music pastor and ministry consultant. Working with some of the world’s most influential worship leaders, Jermaine is considered by his peers to be a “music pastor to music pastors.” With a unique approach to music ministry, Jermaine has inspired many churches with new processes that have propelled music ministries into success across the nation.