This is Something Gear Can’t Fix

How smoke, lights, and awesome gear won't fix poor leadership.

I love gear but this statement is true. We must be enlarging our leadership capacity by realizing what Peter Drucker says:

“Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things.”

All this wonderful technology we use won’t fix poor communication, poor people skills, poor time management, poor planning, lack of preparation, chaos, or confusion. Only leadership can fix these things. Become a better leader, lead a better team. What are you focused on?

Dear Leader, a construction worker has to wear a hardhat because it’s not a safe environment. Makes me wonder if your team feels the same way when you speak, or if they think different than you. Do they feel like they need safety gear to survive around you?

Jermaine Rodriguez

For the past 16+ years, Jermaine Rodriguez has been impacting and influencing music ministries as an orchestra director, music pastor and ministry consultant. Working with some of the world’s most influential worship leaders, Jermaine is considered by his peers to be a “music pastor to music pastors.” With a unique approach to music ministry, Jermaine has inspired many churches with new processes that have propelled music ministries into success across the nation.