The Right Thing at the Wrong Time

“The right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing.” -John Maxwell

Having lead a Creative Arts Team with multiple staff, I’ve learned many things. I’d rather have someone on my team that I have to “hold back” a little rather than have to “push”. When your Pastor says, “not yet” or doesn’t feel like moving on an idea you need to realize he is not only taking your idea into consideration but everyone it will affect (the church, budget, creative arts team etc.)

He may not want to do it at “that time.” He may be preparing the people for a paradigm shift. One of the most difficult things to do in leadership is change organizational culture. It takes time and patience. So don’t catch an attitude, and don’t take it personally when it doesn’t happen right away. He may be just holding back a little because all though it’s the “right thing,” it may be the “wrong time.” #teamwork

Jermaine Rodriguez

For the past 16+ years, Jermaine Rodriguez has been impacting and influencing music ministries as an orchestra director, music pastor and ministry consultant. Working with some of the world’s most influential worship leaders, Jermaine is considered by his peers to be a “music pastor to music pastors.” With a unique approach to music ministry, Jermaine has inspired many churches with new processes that have propelled music ministries into success across the nation.